targeted return*

An investment with Thriver helps you grow your money and reach your dreams and aspirations.

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Is it a challenge
to get a competitive investment return?

Is confusion about your options overwhelming?

Term deposits return less than 2%.
Real estate is a large investment.
Shares can be volatile.
High return investments come with higher risks.

The wrong investments may be risking your dreams and aspirations.

6-9% targeted return*


6-9% targeted return*


Minimum $5,000
initial investment


Invest in quality
Low volatility^


Quarterly distributions paid

*The targeted net return is not guaranteed or promised. ^This is not a bank deposit; your investment is not guaranteed.
Your money is used to purchase invoices from Thriver clients.

Why invest with Thriver?

We know how it feels to want the best for your family and the sense of duty to provide it.

That’s why we look after your money like it’s ours. We do that by only dealing with quality businesses.

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A way forward

At Thriver, we know you want the best for your family. To achieve your dreams and aspirations, you‘ve got to have the money you need, when you need it. But if you don’t have a clear path to get that money, you feel anxious. Every family deserves the opportunity to achieve their dreams and aspirations.


Security & confidence

We know that sense of duty to provide what your family needs. That’s why we look after your money like it’s ours.


We make
it simple

We make it simple

Here’s how it works: schedule a short call and find out if the Thriver Primero Fund is an option for you. Then, you review the PDS and seek advice. When you’re ready, you can submit your application form.