How Thriver works

Thriver provides working capital facilities to fund the growth of Australian businesses. Each Thriver facility is secured by owning valid invoices to selected debtors.


Businesses need money to grow

Businesses win new clients and current clients give them more work. Because most clients pay for goods or services on terms, there is a gap between doing the work, sending an invoice and getting paid. While waiting to get paid, a business still needs to pay employees and suppliers. As a business grows, the problem gets worse: the bigger a business, the more money it normally needs to grow.

So, what’s the problem?

There are challenges for business owners with traditional forms of business finance:

  • Expensive: Profitability decreases when a business pays too much for financing.
  • Security: Business owners risk losing personal assets when they are used as security.
  • Inflexible: Many forms of business finance don’t suit the needs of the business.

How does a Thriver facility solve that problem?

A Thriver facility is:

  • Competitive: Prices reflect the nature of the finance and associated risks
  • Secured: Thriver owns the invoice. Personal assets are not required as security.
  • Flexible: Clients sell only the invoices they want to sell.

A Thriver facility is a compelling funding option for high-quality businesses. Business owners don’t put their assets at risk, pricing is attractive relative to alternatives, and owners enjoy flexibility that alternatives don’t offer.

How can Thriver do this?

Each facility is secured by owning valid invoices to major corporations and governments in Australia. For most businesses, those invoices are their most valuable asset. Thriver controls the bank accounts that receive invoice payments under its facilities. Because it owns valid invoices, Thriver does not need additional security.

How does Thriver prevent losses?

Before establishing a facility, Thriver undertakes a detailed assessment of the client’s creditworthiness. It conducts a full analysis of the invoicing process to ensure Thriver only buys valid, payable invoices and reduces opportunities for fraud. Thriver also continuously maintains a list of approved debtors, which minimises non- payment of invoices. As a result, there should be limited capital losses, so your investment with the Fund should remain capital stable. In addition, Thriver may require fraud insurance to cover the committed amount under a facility.